a break and a brand new start.

Friends, I think there might be a little bit of spring headed our way, and not a moment too soon.

At first I thought that I was having a run of bad luck over this past winter. After a while, as the seasonal malaise crept in and got ready to stay awhile, I decided that it was not just the events of the winter, but winter itself that was laying me low.

Now I realize that I must have just been hibernating, because a couple of days of March break, fresh air and sunshine, and I am back!

Well, sort of.

(Alysa and I took our kids to the park the other day and we both had a laugh over my needing to tell her (and the rest of you) that I, too, was taking a break from our blog. She says it was fairly obvious. She has a point.)

I am back because I wanted to let you know that over the course of my hibernation I got to work on a new project.

It's still very much a work in progress, and my break over here will continue, but if you are curious about what I am up to you can always check it out.

Spring, and a brand new start. What could be better?

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