West End Bouncy Castle - Pure Self Promotion

Dear Fellow Readers,
Please disregard the following post if you are looking for a new recipe. I have some in the works so I promise I will start posting again. This post is about my little side business of bouncy castle rentals. It's my attempt to continue staying at home with my kids and still bring in a little grocery money. If you are looking for a solution to an approaching birthday party or family event, please continue reading.
My budding business is West End Bouncy Castle and we provide commercial grade inflatables for Toronto families. It makes a party with kids so effortless you may want to have a party everyday! I am so not exaggerating. Really I'm not.
While I'm at it I will also promote my husband's business as well. Anonymous, online customer feedback for the service industry at Virtual Comment Box. Now there are certainly a lot of restaurants and hotels that are in need of some feedback. Strive for excellence people. Don't hold back!
My self promotion post is now over. Now go make yourself a good meal and be done with it.