Chicken, Greek Style

Ah chicken. So much you can do that with that tasty little bird. Before I had kids I was very queasy about prepping any raw meat. I always had to pass that task off to to those hardier than me. I figure it was a side effect to being a vegetarian for years. I was always fairly handy with a vegetable, but would morph into a weak kneed pile of jello when faced with a dead animal. For some reason having three kids has cured me of that fear. Maybe it's because of all those gross things that comes with having kids. Now I could go on for some time swapping gross stories. It is one of my favorite topics, but I'll try and stick to nice anecdotes about food instead.

I have some lovely friends who are very generous with me and my family. Every summer they lend me their cottage for several weeks. Each year I invite my friend Zoe and her kids to hang out with me and mine while our husbands slog it out in the city. Zoe is a joy to have as a guest since she's a talented cook, our kids get along great and we have a mutual love for summer cocktail hour. She always makes me her Greek style chicken which I think may be the best chicken ever. I tried to reproduce it the other night and it was good but not as good as Zoe's. Maybe it was because I wasn't at the cottage with a gin and tonic in hand. Zoe claims it's all about the marinade post bbq. You need to douse that bird with oil and lemon juice after it comes off the bbq. It just soaks it up leaving you with a succulent chicken to devour.

I am never disappointed with this chicken. It is the perfect bbq fare. Serve it up with a salad and roasted potatoes and you are good to go.

Chicken Greek Style

10 chicken drumsticks skin on
3/4 cup olive oil
juice of 3 lemons
2-3 cloves garlic minced
salt and pepper to taste

Reserve 1/4 cup of oil and juice of one lemon. Put all remaining ingredients in a ziploc bag. Zip it up and shake like hell. Leave it in the fridge to marinate for 1 to 24 hours. Bbq on medium high heat until juices run clear. Once chicken has been removed from heat, drizzle with reserved oil and lemon mixture. Serve immediately.

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