The Berserkie

I've got a man friend. His name is Neil. We've been friends a long time now, almost 34 years. We met in kindergarden when we were four. I use to go to his house for lunch, and in my spare time I'd beat him up. I use to be a bit of a bully but that's another story. Our friendship has endured mutual crushes, taunts and silent wars, and still we hang out and have a good time. He lives nearby with his lovely wife and two small boys. As of late he is at home with his boys, and is slumming it with us stay at home moms. He loves it and is damn proud of his mom jeans.

On several occasions he has claimed that he has invented a sandwich. He calls it The Berserkie. Although delicious, this sandwich is not for the diet conscious. Neil is not known for his vegan diet filled with fruits, veggies and tofu. A large portion of his diet seems to revolve around dill pickle chips, bacon and Meli-Melo. He's the guy at the end of the party that fires up the bbq to feed the hordes one last round of garlicky Polish sausages that we like to call Honkers. I'm not judging him. He is well loved for feeding us Honkers.

The Berserkie is a manwich if I've ever seen one. I just can't picture a bunch of chicks daintily lunching on a trayful of Berserkies. So get ready to serve your man or your manly woman one of these tasty sammies. It's a combination of fried turkey, maple syrup and melted cheese, and if they don't like it you can always give them a Honker.

The Berserkie

200g of oven roasted turkey
100g extra old cheddar
4 tbsp maple syrup
2 slices toasted light rye

Heat turkey slices at med high heat for a few minutes, stirring often. Discard drippings, and add 2 tbsp of maple syrup and continue frying turkey for another few minutes. Discard drippings and watery syrup. Add the remaining maple syrup. Continue frying turkey until golden brown. Shave cheese into frying pan, and allow to melt. Pile turkey, scrapings and all onto your bread and make a sandwich. Serve immediately.

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